Our Process

At ADAPT we recognise that attaining your housing solution is especially complex and a difficult process . We aim to support you through the various phases from seeking your SDA approval through to delivery of a brand new SDA Property.

Phase 1:Understanding how to get your SDA Approval

The new NDIS is still maturing and SDA approvals are approvals for new-build housing are now slowly forthcoming.

Managing your way through the detail of the SDA approval process can be complex and frustrating for participants, advocates and service providers.

We are seeing some progress, especially where the necessary plan documents to secure SDA approval such as the Housing Solutions Report are prepared by specialists

Our Steps

1. Undertake a Plan Review

Ensure Independent supported living and associated housing are included in your NDIS Plan, and receive funding for the housing investigation process. Undertake a Plan Review if necessary.

2. Engage ADAPT Housing

Talk to ADAPT about engaging a specialist independent consultant to coordinate the various health and housing professionals to develop your Housing Solutions Report.

3. Housing Solution Report

Deliver a comprehensive Housing Solutions Report with the strongest chance of success in achieving the participant’s desired living outcome.

Phase 2:Providing the flexibility for you to identify your ideal housing solution

ADAPT has a range of partnerships with builders and developers focussed on providing a range a quality new-build housing options across a variety of locations.

We offer both standard and bespoke designs and can source land where it is available. We provide custom solutions that meet every clients need. Our Building Partners design homes with complete Adaptability and Assistive Technology.

Our Steps

4. Seek SDA Approval

Commit to seeking SDA approval and ADAPT will commence discussion with you on key issues like home design and location

5. Identify Build Requirements

ADAPT will work with you and your service provider to identify an existing housing solution or a new-build solution that meets your needs and our investors investment criteria

6. Housing Solution Report

Agree a design and tenancy solution to support your plan approval process

Phase 3:All the approvals are in place

Upon the approval of SDA in your NDIS Plan, this phase will culminate with you moving into a brand new home under a long-term tenancy.

Both SDA participants and our investors look forward to the delivery of a fit-for-purpose solution that will be the envy of others.

Where an interim accommodation solution is required during the build/delivery period ADAPT will work with the parties to identify a solution.

Our Steps

7. Receive your SDA Approval

Upon the approval of SDA in your NDIS Plan, this phase will culminate with you moving into a brand new home under a long-term tenancy.

8. Enter Tenancy Agreement

You enter into Agreements to Tenant with ADAPT and our investors to enable the delivery process to commence.

9. Register the SDA property

On completion of the dwelling, ADAPT will register the SDA property and it will be available for moving in.